Carolina Justina


Clean, cool lines, simplicity mixed with glamor, a sense of grandeur and strength ancient materials, stone, wood, marble in a postmodern dimension, restful to the eye, soothing the mind, in perfect harmony with the environment, absolute aesthetic coexistence between the place and buildings!!!!!! The Strengths: the abduction of Europe the ultimate communicative symbolism, where everything you see from sunset to sunrise is a picture but also a story!!!!!!!!

Where the man's hand end, and the gifts of creator Gods begins is difficult to define!! Congratulations, great job to have traveled in an oasis of harmony and tranquility!!!!!!!!

I think, really, the pioneer, creator of all this, the man, has he understood how unique, gifted and blessed by God he is? I feel proud that I am Greek and I owe it to you and your peers!!!!!!!!!! And they are so few such people now!!!!!!!!!!!

Each success!

Ψηφιακή Αναβάθμιση ΜΜΕ Περιφέρειας Κρήτης