With respect to people and nature!

Royal Marmin Bay Boutique & Art Hotel is the first energy efficient, ecologically green hotel in Greece. Following strict guidelines on ecology, ensures that guests stay on a safe, non-toxic environment where sustainability meets luxury.

We offer exclusively organic products (except for meat products), and we use extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality to each recipe recommended by our chef. In our Spa we use only organic products of biological origin.


... and we put love into practice.

Being the first certified energy efficient hotel in Greece, we made sure to add important details with eco technologies that save energy and offer a clean and ecological environment. In addition, the hotel has taken a number of measures for the internal management in a sustainable way that is friendly to our planet and will benefit future generations.


  • The hotels uses 100% LED lighting systems, resulting in lower power consumption.
  • Building management system. Optimizes energy consumption of cooling / heating as well as the energy consumption in pumping systems.
  • Water consumption management system, which ends up in the gardens of the hotel.
  • Heat recovery of the cooling system of the building. Heating eliminated, is used to heat the water for the bathroom.
  • Solar panels contribute to 50% of the production of hot water.
  • Low energy consumption cooling systems for rooms.
  • Saving energy with insulation materials in all buildings.
  • Energy-efficient windows in all rooms.
  • Use of exclusively ecological, chemical-free cleaning products in all rooms and to other hotel areas.
  • The sheets and towels for our guests are from the best, environmentally friendly materials.
  • High quality organic products are used for the cooking and come from local producers.
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