Gourmet Dinner 19:00-23:00 *

Poseidon Greek Creative Cuisine & Fresh Fish in Royal Marmin Bay Boutique & Art Hotel is ideal for the lovers of the creative contemporary cuisine, and it is the starting point for gourmet gastronomic adventures. This is the venue where the dinner of the day is being served. Guests are invited to choose a wide selection of gourmet Mediterranean dishes and fresh seafood from the à la carte menu, which is carefully curated by a professional chef. On Thursdays, dinner is also accompanied by soft live music(Reservation required).

Dinner is served at Poseidon Greek Creative Cuisine & Fresh Fish with many à la carte dish choices that will meet all your culinary desires. All dishes are prepared only with the freshest ingredients from the exceptional and skilled cooks, and promise delicious journeys that you will cherish forever. 

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He was the Greek God of sea and earthquakes, the son of Krοnos and Rhea. He spent most of his life in a golden palace on the seabed. Corals and beautiful shells decorated his underwater house, and two huge sea horses were guarding the entrance.

Ψηφιακή Αναβάθμιση ΜΜΕ Περιφέρειας Κρήτης